I have loved and enjoyed horses most of my life.  It's all my wonderful parents' fault.  You see they moved to Linden, NC so that us youngins could experience animals such as a pig, chickens, dogs, cats, and of course horses. That was it for me, I was hooked! Horses have taught me so many lessons including patience, responsibility, and above all love.  

I currently have 4 lovely geriatric horses April - 20, Ellie - 29, Hank -31, and Chip - 35.  I also enjoy horses through Cat’s Tack & Horsey Services. I truly enjoy seeing the bond between horse and owner grow and empowering owners with knowledge.

Cat's Tack & Horsey Services began May 1, 2005.  I use the Proper Balance Hoof Trim, PBHT, because this trim takes the whole horse into consideration, not just the foot or lower leg.  My teacher, Mr. Keith Seeley, encourages his students to always continue our education and to think outside the box.

I make and sell rope tack such as rope halters, leads, and trail reins.  I also sell and use doTERRA essential oils and natural wellness products.

I also teach clinics/classes on horse hoof care and essential oils.  Please contact me for more details, Info@CatsTack.com.

Phone:  910-818-1350

Email:  Info@CatsTack.com

Products/Services Offered